FRINGE is changing once again!!  We welcome 2 new members to the band,  John on Guitar and Mark on Drums.  Great players and great guys as well!


keith (kdog) davis - vocals, bass

john (ampman) - guitars, vocals

eric (studio) steele - keyboards

mark (the stick) johanson - drums

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We say a fond fairwell to Mike and Anthony , and wish them well on their current projects. 

We are recording new material and will start have new songs available here in the spring of '07.

Please come back every month ... we will be giving away free downloads to some of our new and past cds, plus special practice and acoustic recordings to share with your friends .. all for FREE!  Tell your friends to visit

For bookings and  band information Contact  Eric Keith John or Mark

erics_board.gif (76218 bytes)Need professional recording at affordable prices??   You know you do!  so check out the coolest place in the east bay to record ! SONGWRITERS STUDIO   That's where we do all of our recording and it always sounds great! See for yourself!

Gigs!  We got gigs!

Tell your friends about the best band you've never seen!  Then when you see us you will know too!

11/18/2006 09:30 PM - Vinnie's Bar & Grill 2045 Mt. Diablo St.
Concord, CA.  Opening for us will be
SOGAVAL. Check out this super cool club in the east bay!.

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Special thanks to past clubs!

11/10/06 - The 'ROCKET ROOM' San Francisco, CA.  and the EMERGENZA international band competition.   FRINGE didn't advance but we had a great time in the city.  Look for our buds SOGAVAL in the city in spring of '07 as they advance to the next round!

10/20/06 - The Hotel Utah FRINGE  played with ALL ONE THING and THE DISCONNECT.  Two really killer bands.  Check out this icon for bay area music.

9/29/06 - Pioneer Saloon - Woodside, Ca.  Opening act  Audible Twitch was fabulous!  Check out this great venue.   Thanks much Pioneer!

9/15/06 - C & J's Sports Bar 1550 Lafayette (corner of lafayette and el camino) Santa Clara, Ca.  This is a cool club and Chuckee's All Stars we there and they are a great band!

8/12/06 - CJ's  SALOON - We had a great time in Pleasant Hill!  This is really cool east bay bar with a great local crowd - check it out! ... and special thanks to our featured act SOGAVAL!  Those guys rock! Visit our new buds SOGAVAL

See you at the show!

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This is Love  is our third independent CD, which has met with much critical acclaim.  (everyone loves it!!) bandclockemboss.jpg (316879 bytes)Check this sample cut! 

Day Light Kiss

Give me your goodbye


Believe... Believe... is Fringe's 2nd independent CD. Believe features 14 original songs, plus newly recorded versions of, The "Watcher", and Smile .

Believe... is available online at Amazon. COM or in local record stores such as the CD Wherehouse (Newark) & Rasputin's (Newark).  ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY!

Enjoy the Ride is available through this page or at a gig near you!.

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